Benefits of AbCentrum apartments

The accommodation at the Abcentrum, at the very heart of Zagreb, offers many advantages. It is unnecessary to mention that the city centre abounds with cultural and business contents of all kinds in addition of being the heart of entertainment and nightlife of Zagreb.

At the Ban Jelačić Square, which is only about 50 steps away from the apartment, and at the Zrinjevac Park, which is practically the backyard of Abcentrum, cultural and fun activities are simply daily happenings.
So, at the immediate proximity of the apartment "Abcetrum" (app.5 min walking distance) there are: Ban Josip Jelacic Square, Zagreb Cathedral, Zrinjevac Park.

You also have the "Upper Town", Kaptol, the Stone Doors, Ban's Palace, the Church of St. Mark, Tomislav Square (app. 10 minutes walking distance). It also takes approximately 10 minutes to get to the Croatian National Theatre and the Mimara Museum.
If you come to do business in the capital, you will be able to get everything done within 500 meters: most of the embassies, trading companies, all the banks are situated in the centre..

Zagreb Trade Court is also at hand. In case you need a taxi, a taxi rank is at 30 meters distance (the borderline of the pedestrian zone). For your safety, you should know that Zagreb Police Station and the Emergency Health Care are at the immediate proximity of 5 minutes walking distance!

You don't need a taxi to go out in the evenings because numerous bars, caffees, restaurants, night clubs are within walking distance. At your arm's (or leg's) length you can find one of the oldest and most famous clubs in Zagreb - Ritz Cabaret (2 min WD), but also Saloon (15 min WD), Hemingway Bar (10 min WD), Bulldog, Gjuro 2, Jedinica, škola, Purgeraj, Maraschino, Trilogija...

If shopping is the reason of your visit to Zagreb, we emphasize that Importanne Center, Importanne Gallery, Kaptol Center and the most famous shopping avenue in Zagreb - Ilica, are within 500 meters of the Abcentrum Apartment.

Your Abcentrum Apartment is in Petrinjska street which is lately becoming "Zagreb Street of High Fashion". The Abcentrum Apartment offers a great view of the pedestrian zone and the newest exclusive Hugo Boss boutique. Within 50-200 meters there are also MaxMara, Furla, and some of the famous names of Croatian fashion industry - Zoran Mrvoš and Xenia Design.